It was only a single milkshake

A cold, sweet tease that started it all…
And maybe the cute waitress serving it.
Who knows? Who cares?

After all, disaster struck in the cozy diner in Pleasantville.
He wanted to protect his crush from the lurking evil between the faded leather benches. Giving up on his eyecandy, he pushed her into the rotten smelly hands of a monster.

He finds shelter, far from the town. But there is more, hiding beneath the dusty covers. Tensed by sparkeling metal the animal hide lays before him.

Boom, boom, boom,… I’m gonna shoot you right down.

In need of a strike

Throwing around giant color swirled marbles wasn’t exactly his type of having a ball. It’ll be worth it none the less.

Finally sticking it to this lousy playboy showing off his finger guns and his college jacket. Horror flick trope material right there, he thought.

But those shiny balls wouldn’t be the only thing in his firm grip. Much darker evils have gathered around this alley. Reaching for his next shot, he suddenly catches a glimpse of the horror that haunts Pleasantville.

Out of breath, he finds himself taming the powers of a six-stringed weapon to destroy this risen plague once and for all.

And it’s gonna melt your face right off, kid.

Turning the last page

His standard routine, but the only thing on his mind right now.
The sense of place and time was vanishing between the lines of his newest read. The pen is mightier than the sword, they say.
And so he believed.

But in this place he isn’t but a spectator anymore. And the pen might not cut it this time anymore, he quickly realizes as he stares into the endless dark of the creatures eyes rising before him.

He needs time. Time to think. Time to plan. Now.
Fleeing from the eerie spirit he seeks a hiding place to plan his strike.

And this one will shatter the soil the undead were born again from.