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Who do we think we are?

Having had quite successful bands playing international gigs, supporting big acts, internationally releasing albums, we needed a break. After the hiatus however, it was time for Georg (vocals guitar), Peter (drums) and Jan (bass) to make music again, this time together as “Tame the Abyss”. So even though the band is new and exciting, we are battle hardened professionals. We know that this is as much fun as it is business.

The band already has released two EPs, digitally and on CD. Published by our friends of “Bull Duck”, an edition of “41065 Musikverlag” publishing. The discs enabled us to get radio plays and interviews (terrestrial and digital), festival gigs, press attention (“Rock Hard” announced us as it’s recommendation of the month) and they’re still sold als merch as well as sent included in the promo packages.

Now we’re looking for a new member to the family. Business is nice, but we want a partner that sees eye to eye with us, understands what the band is and can help us form a product that’s beneficial for both of us.

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Video: WBLT Event + Media

DIY band

We want to keep things short, however, we still wanted to show you the video. Everything in this is made by us. From the fog machines to the exploding zombie heads. With this band we don’t stop at music. Graphic design, merchandise booth, videos, keychains, heck… we even made our own action figures to come with the album. No joke, hand-cast and hand-painted them ourselves.

Much of that stuff hasn’t been made public, we wanted to save the stuff for the album release.

However, the album “They live… again” is finished entirely. Masters for digital and vinyl, artwork, as well as bonus merch for pre-sale ect.

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Music recorded live on 01st October at Sky Studios, Munich by Bobby Altvater
Vocals recorded by Daniel Grandl
Mixed by Daniel Grandl
Mastered by Fabian Exter at Forest Sound, Vilgertshofen
Produced by Tame the Abyss
Artwork by Tame the Abyss

They live… again

Well and here we are. Our Album, free to enjoy. A steamy, greasy, distinct rock n roll album. Sophisticated enough to surprise you with unexpected parts, dumb enough to make you just want to grab a beer and bang your head.

Recorded live… we’re a rock band, not Ariana Grande.


Loaded Gun – heavy-hitting, slow-moving opener, groovy 70s hard rock

Deep End – fuzzy but fast, almost early punk with a 00s metal break

Burn ’em Down – punchy fast powerchords with shouty chorus, 2010s rock

Come Alive – groovy southern rock with precise breaks and unique chorus

Get me out – menacing bass driven number with fuzzy breaks

Beast in a Cage – speedy fuzz-soaked whirlwind with a break like an earthquake

This is the Love – crowdpleaser with very catchy chorus and finger-picking guitar

Plastic Fangs – disorienting heavy fuzz riff with unusual song structure

Man is Wolf to Man – highly complex epic around easily digestible choruses

Lucid Dreams – swirly fever dream with early punk chorus and frightening breaks

Honolulu Bay – cheesy eerie bluesnumber, weird atmosphere

Black Mold – fast blues rock that can’t be too loud

All songs are available mastered for digital release and vinyl.

Wanna talk?

Feel free to contact us any time, via mail or phone. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for having a look!

Georg Raig
+49 176 100 64 260